Our team

Corporate auditor (2004), Certified accountant (2008). Bachelor's degree in Applied Commercial Sciences (IAG, UCL), Masters in Tax Management (Solvay Business School)

Geneviève Buelens


Corporate auditor (2010), Member of the “special missions” working group at the IRE (Institute of Corporate Auditors) Degree in Accounting – Tax specialism (IESN) and Bachelor’s degree in Commercial Sciences – Auditing and Accounting specialism (ICHEC), Legal Expert, Inter-university Certificate in legal expert assessment (UCL-2014), Mediator accredited by the Federal Mediation Commission for civil and commercial matters (2016)

Hélène Spegelaere


Corporate auditor (2017) – Member of the SME/SMP Commission (IRE) – Masters in Management & Finance (2009) – Bachelor’s degree in Economic Sciences (2007)

Amaury Stas de Richelle


Corporate auditor (1983) accredited by the FSMA. Certified accountant (1994). Member of the European Investment Bank (EIB) Audit committee. Bachelor's degree in Commercial and Financial Sciences, Auditing and Accounting option. Consultant accredited by the Walloon Region.

Eric Mathay


Myriam Bouton

Corporate auditor (1995) – Bachelor's degree in Applied Economic Sciences (UCL – 1986)

Myriam Bouton


Certified accountant (1996) and Tax consultant (2000), Degree in Accounting and Taxation (EPHEC), Practical Masters in Chartered Accountancy and Auditing (organised by the Order of Chartered Accountants)

Michèle Verdeyen

Certified accountant (2013) – Degree in Accounting (EPHEC 2003) – Bachelor's degree in Commercial Sciences, Auditing and Accounting (ICHEC – 2005)

Sorel Chaleu

Accountant (2016) – Bachelor’s degree in Accounting (EPHEC -2011)

Ilyas Ambri

CPA trainee (2017) – Masters in Economic Sciences and Management (UCL – 2018) – Bachelor’s degree in Economic Sciences and Management (UCL – 2015)

Matthieu Stas de Richelle

Auditor Senior (2015) – Masters business Management - Major in finance (2014 ICHEC) – Bachelor’s business management (2012 ICHEC)

Kevin Pakdaman

Auditor (2019) – Masters in Economic Sciences and Management (2019) – Bachelor’s degree in Economic Sciences and Management (2016)

Aurian Gossart

Auditor (2020) – Master's degree in Management Engineering – Bachelor’s degree in Management Engineering (UMONS)

Mélina Cubeta

Auditor junior (2021) – Master Economic Law (ULB 2020) – Bachelor in Law (ULB 2018)

Maxime Skilbecq

Administrative accounting assistant (1999)

Frédérique Nusteleyn

Administrative assistant (2009)

Jihad Haddad