Our services

Auditing :

  • Accounts auditing
  • Contractual auditing
  • Certification report as part of an ongoing audit of the statutory and consolidated accounts
  • Reporting to the Works Council
  • Reporting for the various legal missions required by the Belgian Companies and Associations Code (contribution in kind, liquidation, merger, spin-off, transformation, net assets test, liquidity test, financial plan, etc.)
  • Specific missions required by the legislator (NGO, etc.)
  • Municipal Quick Scan

Accounting and taxation :

  • Accounting assistance
  • Production of annual accounts
  • Administrative management
  • Financial organisation
  • Corporate law, accounting law
  • Tax planning
  • Tax defence

Legal expert assessments, technical consultancy and other services :

  • Company valuation (succession, transfer, etc.)
  • Acquisition audit
  • Valuation of assets and/or sectors of activity
  • Identification of bankruptcy and evaluation of restructuring plan
  • Temporary administration or liquidation
  • Assistance with trusteeship
  • Arbitration and conciliation – assistance with negotiations
  • Loss or damage assessment (loss of business, termination of contract, etc.)

Consultancy :

  • Assistance with incorporating a company (legal form, financial plan, CBE registration, social secretariat registration, etc.)
  • Assistance in developing the company
  • Assistance in the event of ceasing to trade (sale of shares, sale of assets, liquidation, etc.)
  • Acquisition audit

Mediation :

Mediation is a process in which the parties to a dispute voluntarily attempt to reach an agreement together to solve their disagreement, with the help of a mediator.
The mediator is a neutral party who assists them in reaching an amicable agreement.
The mediator endeavours to create conditions that will facilitate and enable:

  • communication between the parties about their difficulties and their mutual expectations;
  • solutions that will meet their needs and resolve the difficulties;
  • effective and open negotiations;
  • assistance in getting the parties, on the basis of free consent, to conclude a settlement that will give effect to the identified solutions, where applicable;
  • totally confidential discussions;
  • quick, low-cost resolution of the dispute
  • with complete freedom

“You are free to stop the mediation at any time or to enter into an agreement, even a partial one.”

Our firm offers civil and commercial mediation services.