General terms and
conditions of sale and invoicing

  1. All our services, invoices and contracts are subject to the General Terms and Conditions detailed hereafter. No exceptions may be made unless explicitly stipulated in writing.
  1. Any dispute regarding the nature, purpose or amount of our services must be notified in writing by registered mail within 8 days of receiving our invoice, under penalty of foreclosure.
  1. Our invoices are payable on cash terms, by bank transfer into the account specified on the statement of fees (invoice).
  1. If our invoices are not paid by the due date specified in Article 3, late payment interest at the legal interest rate will be due as of right, without prior formal notice, and all our debts will become payable immediately.
  1. If our invoices are not paid by the due date specified in Article 3, a fixed, irreducible penalty of 15%, with a minimum of 125 euros, will be payable as of right by way of damages.
  1. Non-payment of instalments and/or invoices authorises us to suspend our services and work without any compensation being claimed, without prejudice to our right to claim full compensation for our loss. Any instalments will be retained if full payment is not made.
  1. All contracts are governed by Belgian law. Any dispute falls under the jurisdiction of the courts in the legal district where our registered office is based, in the French language.